About me

Here’s me: Meryl
I’m passionate about 2 things: our living planet and understanding what makes people tick. This blog is about combining both of those and looking at how to make radical change happen to deal with some of the huge, urgent environmental issues facing us today, like climate breakdown, ocean plastics and species extinction.
I’ve loved animals and the environment since I was a child and I’ve been vegetarian or pescatarian since then. I crave being outdoors and can often be found gazing at trees. I’m a trustee of Farnham Repair Cafe and a keen wildlife gardener.
For most of my career I’ve worked in changing things. Mostly in large corporates in a range of different guises – projects, operations, long-term strategy, innovation units – and also in the non-profit sector, as coach, founder and trustee. I’m fascinated by why people behave in certain ways, how they make decisions and how they react to new things. I’m interested in how our brains work, what’s going on under the surface, how to understand other people’s perspectives and persuade them to see mine. I currently work in sustainability, helping business play their role in solving global environmental issues.
I’m here to make radical change happen to create a sustainable future. I hope you are too.